• DO NOT give out your online banking credentials to anyone. No one from Inwood National Bank will call and ask for this information. Be suspicious of any unsolicited calls or emails asking for sensitive personal information.
  • USERNAMES- update usernames periodically, and avoid using your email address for a username.
  • PASSWORDS- keep passwords unique (don’t use the same password for multiple websites/apps), make passwords complex (at least 8-16 characters), and update all passwords periodically.
  • ANTI-VIRUS- run full system scans on all applicable devices as often as possible (Weekly/Monthly scans recommended).
  • SYSTEM UPDATES- perform all system updates to your devices in a timely manner to ensure your devices are current and secure.
  • WEB BROWSER CLEAN UP- clear cookies and history from your web browser often. This ensures security and improves device performance in general. Please also keep in mind that Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be a supported browser after April of this year. We recommend downloading Google Chrome if you are a current Internet Explorer user.

Please Call Customer Service at 214-351-7330 where our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.




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